Specifications - Tungsten Carbide Rocksaws
Saw Designation>> C4 C5 C6

Blade Diameter up to 2000mm 2000-3000mm 2500-3500
Cutting Depth* 750mm 1300mm 1550
Tip Cutting Speed (nominal) 3.8m/s; 60rpm 4m/s; 30rpm 4m/s; 25rpm
Max. Spindle Torque 12000Nm 30000Nm 45000Nm
Mass with Blade** 650kg 2650kg 3100kg
Oil Pressure 26 MPa (260 bar) 35 MPa (350 bar) 42 MPa (420 bar)
Recommended Platform 12-15 tonne excavator 20-30 tonne excavator