Diamond Rocksaws-High Speed
High RPM, high efficiency, high flow

For excavators 2 to 25 tonnes.

The rocksaws from our high speed diamond rocksaws are the most versatile units. With their high pressure and flow capacity, and high rpm, they can be used with a variety of blade types for cutting many different materials.

Recommended for

Concrete cutting

Excavation of very hard rock eg granite and hard basalt
Stump grinding
Recycling & materials processing


Small blades for economical cutting

High flow and pressure ratings for high efficiency

Versatile operation - can be fitted with blades for cutting concrete, metal, fibreglass, rubber, wood, and more

Converts to highly effective stump grinder


D2HS High Speed Diamond Rocksaws for Excavators 1.5 to 8 tonnes

D3HS High Speed Diamond Rocksaws for Excavators 5 to 12 tonnes

D4HS High Speed Diamond Rocksaws for Excavators 10 to 20 tonnes

Diamond Rocksaws