Diamond Rocksaws
Fast Cutting, Smooth Finish


Models to suit excavators 1 to 70 tonnes
Reversible blade spin
Automatic blade brake
Direct drive
Adjustable, composite rotating safety shield with outer part removable for boundary cutting
Rotating stand
Excellent protection for motor bearings
Low maintenance
High Speed (HS) - Concrete and Demolition Saws
High Power (HP) - High Torque for Large Blades
Standard (S) - For excavation and wood cutting
Dual and Multi-blade 

Dual and multi blade rocksaws allow perfectly repeatable precise parallel cutting. They are of particular interest in trenching and quarrying applications.

With multi-blade saws, the time spent setting up cuts is reduced as the excavator does not need to be repositioned as frequently. Where there is plenty of power for driving the blades, cutting time is also less, however there may need to be a trade off in blade diameter.


Automatic cooling water control

Rails systems for cutting at angles - convert to excavator wall-saw

rotators & tilts

Optimiser for increased efficiency

Offset extension for cutting outside excavator tracks - adjustable and fixed length models

Stump grinder conversion

Extra head brackets and special purpose head brackets

Other Rocksaws

Also available from Echidna

tungsten carbide rocksaw on stand

Tungsten-carbide rocksaws for rock up to 60MPa
OmniCut rocksaws for hard and soft stone.
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