Austrian Tunneling Method
Safety and Precision in Tunnel Lining Remediation

Echidna Production Machinery has completed the development of a cutting attachment primarily conceived for the removal of temporary support structures used in conjuction with the New Austrian Method in tunnelling.

The first such device is a 75 kW cutting head carried by a Liebherr 944 tunneling excavator.

  • 75kW cutting head
  • Liebherr 944 tunnelling excavator
  • remote control of cutting head
  • 5 axis articulation
  • laser depth measurement
  • telescopic arm
  • Echidna high speed D4HS demolition saw

This head provides remotely controlled articulation around 5 axis and thus allows the cutting at any angle and any position that can be reached by the excavator within the tunnel profile or any other structure. The depth of the cut is controlled using laser measurement to automatically adjust the telescopi arm.

This is essentially a demolition saw, but it can be used to cut slots and pockets in any concrete or rock structure without an access to a free edge, as the device provides the possibility to plunge into a middle of a continuous wall. In conjuction with a Cutting Optimiser that is an integral part of this attachment this new development signifies a milestone development in the afore mentioned tunnelling operation essentially eliminating the danger of collapse experienced with the application of previous methods.